Tickets back on sale

Due to an error in our ticket system after rescheduling Avalanche 19 to 27th October, tickets sales were prematurely closed. We have reopened ticket sales so that you can take advantage of the preorder discount. Tickets are available here;  …


You can get  the highly recommended Overwatch for $12 on humblebundle along with other great games each month. You can support Avalanche using this link:…

Wol’s LAN next Saturday

Wol’s LAN are hosting their eighty fourth LAN party on Saturday the 4th of August. It goes from 10am to late, costs $15 and is a great time. No preregistration is required. It’s in Rockingham at the Baptist church on 30 Gnangara Drive Waikiki…

Avalanche 18 Free Admission

get your free avalanche 18 ticket here Last winter we hosted a free LAN party. We didn’t think it would catch on but as it turns out people like free stuff?! So with the success of that event in mind we have decided to do it again! Avalanche 18 will be free to attend on…

2019 Dates

  • 23rd February
  • 1st June
  • 24th August
  • 14th December