Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN) connection between the devices primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games together. 
  • What should I bring?

  • You will require the following:
  • A computer or game console
  • Monitor or TV
  • A cat5 network cable between 5-10m long
  • A powerboard
  • Your mouse, keyboard, controller or other peripherals
  • A headset or headphones
  • All cables that your computer requires
  • You may optionally bring the following:
  • Gaming chair (standard chairs are provided)
  • Cushions/pillows
  • Portable hard drives
  • Modest amount of food/drink
  • Money (food/drink and some gaming equipment are available for sale)


  • What should I NOT bring?

  • More than one PC or console
  • More than one monitor or tv
  • Eskies or whitegoods
  • Speakers
  • Uninterrupted power supplies
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons
  • Routers, Modems, Switches or network hubs


  • How long does the event go?

We start at 9am saturday and game into the night. Typically we begin packing up sometime between 1-3am sunday morning.
  • What games do you play?

We play all manner of games and it can vary from event to event. We do not dictate what games people play, you can play whatever game you like. Ask around and you will likely find people who will play your favourite gamewith you. Be open minded and willing to try games recommended to you by other participants and you will be sure to have a good time. We have a list of some of the games that have been played in the past but this is non exhaustive and we are always introducing new games.
  • What about this specific game?

I’m sure it’s a great game. Come to the LAN and introduce us to it. There is no better way to get people interested in your game than to play it infront of them in person.
  • Do you have internet?

Yes. However it is shared with a lot of people so do not expect to be able to depend on it. Download and update your games, drivers etc before coming to the LAN.
  • Is there food available?

We organise group pizza orders and BBQ for meals. These meals are NOT included in the ticket price. We also have a canteen selling snacks and drinks. Additionally the Bunbury Forum is in walking distance with multiple restaurants and supermarkets. 
  • Do you need a team to attend the LAN?

You can attend by yourself or with a group. When it comes to team games we help find you team mates to play with.
  • Can I just watch or look around?

Yes you can look around and chat without bringing a PC

2019 Dates

  • 23rd February
  • 1st June
  • 24th August
  • 14th December