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Event Information
Avalanche Gaming
LAN Party
Bunbury, WA
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Avalanche I was a LAN party held from the 19th to 20th of January, 2013. It took place at GCubed, a table top gaming hobby store in Bunbury, Western Australia. It was the inaugural Avalanche event and the first public LAN party in Bunbury in several years.

Inception and Planning[edit]

Some time after the demise of Bunbury's previous public LAN gaming organisations; Reload Gaming and South West LAN, Maurice Last created a Facebook page entitled "Bring back Reload Gaming LAN Party". The page slowly gained support and in November 2012 published a post calling for volunteers to help with the task of organising a LAN. Several people volunteered and soon began discussing the facets of the LAN and formed the organisation; Avalanche Gaming. The name "avaLANche" was chosen from a suggestion by Jared Tapper. In addition to the individual volunteers, some established LANs; LAN Addicts and Albany Gamers lent their support to the fledgling organisation.

Many potential venues were considered with the major requirements being a 3-phase power supply and availability for a full weekend. GCubed was selected for it's tabletop gaming area featuring rows of tables with power and network outlets which reduced the difficulty of setup for an inexperienced team.

The weekend of the 19th to 20th of January 2013 was selected as the date to occur within the school holiday period and due to an eagerness from the organising team to run an event as soon as possible inorder to maintain their momentum in gaining community support. Negotiations with the venue however dragged over the Christmas and New year holidays and were not finalised until the 2nd of January. This provided less than three weeks for promotion of the LAN. Promotion of the LAN was carried out primarily online on social media and gaming forums. Posters were also distributed to local businesses.

The LAN[edit]


Starcraft 2 1v1[edit]

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Place Player
Gold 1st Zealo
Silver 2nd LeTurbo
Bronze 3rd Heady

Team Fortress 2 Ulti Duo[edit]

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Place Player 1 Player 2
Gold 1st Daft Krons
Silver 2nd Munrow RedSn0w

Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour 1v1[edit]

Place Player
Gold 1st PwnageMachine
Silver 2nd NeoWaffles
Bronze 3rd Briggs

Retro FPS FFA[edit]

Halo CE[edit]

Place Player
Gold 1st RedSn0w


Place Player
Gold 1st Mustang