Avalanche 18 Free Admission

get your free avalanche 18 ticket here

Last winter we hosted a free LAN party.

We didn’t think it would catch on but as it turns out people like free stuff?!

So with the success of that event in mind we have decided to do it again!

Avalanche 18 will be free to attend on the 30th of June.

Of course many of you opted to pay for a ticket anyway in order to support the LAN.

As such we are implementing a pay what you want model so everyone is able to help us keep the lights on and packets flowing with however much money you are able to spare.

We are a volunteer non-profit organisation that subsists on the sweat of our volunteers, ticket sales and a substantial amount of our own pocket money.

We truly appreciate your contributions in both donations and help packing up.

You’re a bunch of legends and we can’t wait to play some games and catch up with you all.

Get your ticket FREE or with a voluntary contribution here

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